Our report presents an optimistic outlook for the global economy and dealmaking in the coming years. We base this forecast on the assessment that the threats to free trade and investment flows have lessened though far from vanished, and that positive macroeconomic trends will support deal activity.
The experience of recent years demonstrates that we cannot take positive conditions for granted. In several key economies, particularly the US and other countries at risk of protectionist measures, dealmakers will need to continue to make the case for liberal trade and investment frameworks. Given the rise of equity valuations in recent years, dealmakers may also need to apply greater scrutiny to the financial case for transactions.
Looking forward, those interested in understanding the outlook for global transactions in greater depth will benefit from the reports we will be releasing in subsequent months on the following topics:
Sectoral M&A analysis by region:
We will evaluate the deal drivers in the pharma and healthcare, finance, tech and telecom, consumer goods, energy, and basic materials sectors within the five major regions of the global economy: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Africa and the Middle East. These reports will combine insights from Baker McKenzie partners with analytical and quantitative analysis from Oxford Economics.
Incorporating these enhancements and building on our experience developing three editions of the Global Transactions Forecast, we look forward to remaining the go-to resource for those seeking to understand the global dealmaking landscape.
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