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For over 60 years our M&A lawyers have worked with companies to navigate the complex waters of international transactions. From deal inception to business integration, we continue to help clients bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement.

Stages of a Deal

Resources to help you increase deal certainty, reduce risks and achieve efficiencies across each phase of your cross-border deal


Prepare now to realize the economic and strategic value of your transaction.
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Execution through closing

Learn more about issues to consider during deal execution and multijurisdictional closings.
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Closing the deal is just the beginning.
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Head of Global M&A

Michael F. DeFranco

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Head of Europe, Middle East and Africa M&A

Stéphane Davin

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Head of Latin America M&A

Liliana Espinosa Reboa

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Head of Asia Pacific M&A

Hideo Norikoshi

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