CEOs and their management teams today must contend with a growing list of challenges and uncertainties that may constrain their growth and existing business models. Several issues, however, stand out as more pressing than others, with respondents identifying them as highest on the minds of key decision makers across corporate Asia. From our survey findings, these top challenges/complexities included:
  • Transformative technologies
  • Cost pressures
  • Compliance and regulatory change
That technology ranked among the top sources of complexity in Asia Pacific, or anywhere for that matter, should come as no surprise (Figure 1). The exponential rate of technological change and uptake of new advancements has already seen a number of industry-scale transformations. Innovative upstarts are challenging traditional leaders in their respective industries. Indeed, technology is both a blessing and a curse depending on a corporation’s ability and willingness to adopt and deploy the latest tech into existing operations and product offerings.

In our study, respondents broke tech-related complexities down into two categories: those motivated by innovation (a proactive internal approach), and those driven by disruption (which often results in a reactive, competitor focused response).
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