Innovation. It has become a rallying cry for businesses wanting to get ahead of advances in technology, the buying patterns of consumers and corporates, and of course the competition. However, despite the ubiquity of the term, there is no denying its importance. In fact, how to innovate is the number one business concern and complexity among corporates in the Asia Pacific region today. And while there is no one-size-fits-all solution, there are many ways to respond more nimbly and effectively to market trends and opportunities. In the first report in Baker McKenzie's Simplifying Business series, we explored the key complexities facing corporates across Asia Pacific today. In our second report, we look at some of the legal and business solutions to these complexities, when doing business across this region, and globally. We have identified four mega-trends in the region for 2018: innovating in the digital age, the next wave of Chinese investment, the future of free trade and the rise of India. We have looked at how businesses can approach each mega trend practically, with first hand insights from business leaders and our lawyers. The report also breaks down what we foresee 2018 will bring across key sectors, including important legal risks, and strategies to consider adopting. We hope that the insights and practical solutions set out in our report will be of value to you, as you navigate the ever more complex global business environment. If you would like to discuss these strategies and solutions in greater detail, please contact your Baker McKenzie relationship partner.
Gary Seib
Chair, Asia Pacific Baker McKenzie
Innovation in the Digital Age
The Future of Free Trade in Asia Pacific
The Next Wave of Chinese Investment
The Rise of India
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