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It’s safe to say that the key complexities affecting businesses in our survey – the role of technology, cost pressures, and compliance concerns – are unlikely to change anytime soon. More concerning, they may be the tip of the iceberg in terms of the challenges of doing business now and into the future. Alongside the 57% who said business was becoming more complex, in the near term 43% expect some degree of increasing complexity and 29% say this will remain unchanged from current sentiment (Figure 15). This will be even more pronounced for companies engaging in cross-border business ventures. It will also vary across industries (Figure 16). What will be the greatest complexities going forward? How can companies navigate these challenges? And should these complexities be viewed as obstacles or can opportunities also be created – and if so, then how? While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to these questions, and no one can see the full picture, having trusted support from key advisors can indeed help simplify an increasingly complex world. Providing clear examples, explanations and solutions will also be an ongoing part of our research, events and conversations as we analyze the complexities that are shaping businesses and their strategies in Asia Pacific and globally.
Figure 15: In the next two years, do you expect doing business, particularly in multiple jurisdictions, to become…
Figure 16: In the next two years, do you expect doing business in your primary industry, particularly in multiple jurisdictions, to become…
Simplifying business in a complex world is an evolving topic. Please visit for further insights and updates throughout the year.
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