The complexities facing corporations across Asia Pacific will have different effects on different industries. Taking a more micro view, CEOs and their teams highlight several trends and challenges that will shape their specific sectors going forward (Figures 13 & 14). Energy, mining and infrastructure and healthcare companies face compliance and environmental issues stemming from changing regulations and the threat of natural disasters. As respondents have mentioned, changes to existing legal regimes have added serious costs to energy companies, making extraction of precious resources an increasingly costly endeavor. Changes in medical standards and healthcare practices mean stricter compliance regimes in healthcare, which are imposing higher legal and restructuring fees on corporations. Both face environmental threats which would impact production and place a strain on limited healthcare resources in the event of a major disaster.
Figure 13: Snapshot of industry expectations (top 3 industries per category)
Digital technology is profoundly affecting the delivery of healthcare to patients. The convergence of technology and healthcare is creating new business models for many participants, be they healthcare providers, technology providers, financiers, or investors. Our role is to assist those industry participants in effectively navigating through this convergence.”
Ben McLaughlin, Global Head of Healthcare, Baker McKenzie
Unsurprisingly, innovation and cybersecurity are the main challenges facing ITC and financial institutions. Pre-empting cyber attacks and protecting customer data have become paramount following a growing list of breaches, and deploying security solutions has added to complexities. Innovation is also needed to drive new product development and compete against challengers in ITC and fintech.

Pressure on costs from volatile commodity prices and increasing competition from both regional and international corporates created the most challenges in the consumer goods and manufacturing sectors.

So where will CEOs and their teams focus their attention within their respective industries? In line with broader trends, regulatory changes will be the central focus area in all sectors, alongside optimizing tax structures. Within each industry, several other priorities emerge that will shape individual industries in the years ahead
Figure 14: What are the greatest macroeconomic challenges/complexities in terms of your business?
Cybersecurity is a major problem that most companies have to deal with today. I think we’re likely to see a series of laws rolled out to address this and protect user data and information. Depending on how strict these are, they could have an impact on our growth.”
Managing Director, Australian IT corporation
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