India is expected to play a greater role in Asia’s economic order, according to 95% of executives in our survey. In this feature, Sourav Mallik, Joint Managing Director at Kotak Investment Banking, discusses India’s business and regulatory environment and how to effectively invest in the country’s growth.
India’s economy and population are growing. Consumer demand is rising. And the government continues to push through reforms to improve the ease of doing business. Indeed, it seems the road is being paved for India to become the main attraction for foreign investors and corporations seeking growth in emerging Asia. Having said that, as with any emerging economy, these developments are very much a work in progress. While policy changes are reshaping and simplifying the business landscape – with the government introducing a new bankruptcy code in 2016 and a universal goods and services tax in 2017 – developing an India strategy requires a rigorous approach that asks several key questions around entry methods, sourcing deals, product selection, and the due diligence process.
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